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The Story of My Boobs is a NYC based project that captures the personal stories of current, former, and future boob-owners of all genders and ages (18+). This project touches on topics like what it’s like to go through breast cancer treatment, live in a trans body, get cat-called, embrace femininity/fluidity, and accept the bodies we live in in 2021. This project will take the form of a documentary, live show + gallery, a coffee-table book, and YouTube series.




To normalize and embrace bodies of all kinds, to create a safe platform for sharing and vulnerability, to de-sexualize the nipple, to question the concept of beauty, to raise awareness of boob-related and trans issues.


AUDREY LANE, founder / creative director

Audrey is a filmmaker and activist based in NYC. Audrey graduated NYU Tisch in May 2020 with a minor in Psychology. Her work has appeared in the Toronto International Women’s Film Festival, Cannes Short Film Festival, Dumbo Film Festival, and more. Audrey’s creations are attempted love letters and invitations to connect.

PAOLO TESTA, photographer
Paolo is an Italian photographer based in Brooklyn, NYC. Paolo’s work has been published in magazines such as: Vice, Id Magazine,, Highsnobiety, WWD, C24 Magazine, Office Magazine, and Perimetro. Paolo’s photographic style stems from street photography which has expanded into fashion photography, documentary, and portrait.

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